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Changing your lifestyle to achieve your goals can be difficult. Many people feel “stuck” or lost in their current situation and have a difficult time finding the motivation to change. With support from a coach finding clear direction and reaching goals is attainable.

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Kim is an amazing life coach! She really knows how to engage in conversation and draw out what is really going on. When I felt stuck and completely overwhelmed, Kim not only helped clear my path but also served as a major support to my goals and dreams. She really pushed me to not only make things happen but to be grateful for all that I have accomplished in the past and present as well as what is to come in the near future.
Ashley Slaughter
Since I began life coaching with Kimberly, the way I see myself, and the world around me, has completely changed. She has showed me how to recognize, then break- through, the barriers I was allowing to hold me back. Through her easy-going and friendly,yet direct nature, she has encouraged me to find clarity, maturity, and motivation to achieve my goals both personally and professionally. Thank you, Coach Kimberly, for your continued support and insight.
Candis Servage
For years I have said I don’t have time, I can’t do it, I’m too busy. Working with Kim helped me to find the time I needed to commit to myself. Kim helped me to stay on track and keep defining what it meant to commit to myself.
Kathy, Edmonton
Kim is an amazing person and life coach. She knows exactly how to excite and guide people to precisely where they want to be. Her approach is calm, cool, collected and most importantly, relatable. She has been the catalyst for making my dreams come true in both my life and business. I went to her feeling stuck and now I know where I am as well as where I’m headed. Kim works with my fear, asks the tough questions and teaches courage as a way of making space for the shifts that need to take place to getting exactly what I want.
Heidi, Edmonton