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My name is Kimberly Dawn as a Certified Life Coach and personal Change Management Specialist,  I coach women who are experiencing change in their lives.

Whether you are returning to work, looking to accelerate your career or trying to get back in shape, the experience of change is one we can all relate to.  As a working mother, I know the struggle of juggling a business, family and personal wellness; I understand the difficulty in choosing between competing priorities. I know that managing the balancing act often equates to stress and work and life dissatisfaction. I know exhaustion, over commitment, and under whelming results. Like many women I have felt stuck and lost in balancing work and family.Why am I telling you this?  Because we all struggle with the same issues!  Working with a life coach means getting unstuck, and making commitments to move through transitions with purpose!

As a Certified Life Coach my goal is to assist you in achieving success where you want it most.

Working together you will learn to:

  • Plan for success

  • Stop worrying

  • Silence negative thoughts

  • Find time for yourself

  • Let go of guilt

  • Trust your intuition

  • Build stronger relationships

  • Harness the power of gratitude

  • Maintain motivation

  • Take control of your schedule

  • Celebrate achievement

Working with a Life Coach allows you to speak the truths of your situation in an unbiased, non-judgemental space. Having this type of listener available who is trained to listen for patterns, solutions and accountability will help you to find direction and move forward. Understanding your Core Desired Feelings, setting S.M.A.R.T goals and having Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement (ADKAR) will support your success.

Working together we will plan to move you forward toward your goals. As a Certified Coach I am trained to motivate, encourage and support you while you take action.  My goal is to assist you in reaching success where ever you want it most. Together we will inspire you to move in the direction you crave.

What life coaching is not;

  • Coaching is not counselling or therapy

  • Coaching is not mentoring

  • Coaching is not giving advice

My ideal client is ready to stop worrying, wishing for the past or future, and being stuck in fears and doubts. My ideal client is ready to move forward.

Want to know more about Life Coaching?

Click Edmonton Life Coach for a Complementary 30 minute session.

Coaching is a partnership that focuses on exploration, redefining, and action with commitment.


  • 2 (60 minute) sessions monthly of exploration, redefining and commitment
  • Weekly assignments to help you achieve secondary goals
  • Email support, and optional additional telephone access
  • Wrap up recognition session
  • 3 months of commitment


  • 1 (60 minute) breakout session of exploration, redefining and commitment
  • Email support, and optional additional telephone access
  • Wrap up recognition session
  • Single Session commitment

As a Professional Coach and Registered Social Worker my unique coaching style will assist you with strategies to achieve your goal and create forward movement.  During the process you learn new habits to help you reach your full potential.