About Kimberly Dawn | Certified Life Coach

About Kimberly Dawn, Certified Life Coach

As a mother, wife, and business owner, I work with many women who are stuck in cycles of guilt and overwhelm and struggle to find work/life balance. Often the many commitments that compete for our time and energy leave us little time for personal growth or development leaving us feeling stuck, overwhelmed and uninspired.

Many women feel “stuck” or lost in their current situation and have a difficult time finding the motivation to change. As a Registered Social Worker, Certified Professional Life Coach and lover of personal development my honest, candid, and nurturing coaching style will assist you with taking action. Along the way you will experience self-discovery and different perspectives to help inspire you to reach your desired state. I believe that life coaching is a partnership that focuses on exploration, redefining, and action with commitment.

My experience as a coach has given me insight to the limitations we put on ourselves and the fears that most of us experience as we consider change. I understand those limitations and fears because I have them too.  There were times I lived wishing for the past and/or the future, got stuck in transitions and resisted change. Each of us has struggles that impact how we move forward and the answers don’t always come easy. Sometimes it is a constant task. Often every step is a decision point. I know as a mother and wife, there will always be competing demands. Understanding what direction I wanted to go helped navigate those demands.

Being grateful for new opportunities and new experiences, has filled my life with adventure, and joy. I thrive on new opportunities, new friendships, and making the most out of life.  I chose to work in coaching because I am passionate about engaging with people about what works for them in their lives. I am at my happiest when I can talk with people about their relationships; with themselves, their health, their work and their family. What I have come to understand is, when all those relationships are in balance, we are at our happiest.

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“I am so grateful to have Kim in my life. Her desire to see me reach my goals made me believe and achieve. She’s intelligent, genuine and passionate about helping people, being a life coach is a natural fit for her. If you are working with Kim, you are going to see a new guiding light.”

-Danielle, Edmonton